Wednesday, April 26, 2017

David Coronado
Mrs Johnson
English per 5
April  26 3016

What is Hope 

         Every one has hope,some have more hope than others and less than others, some people are losing hope because of a big accented or something  they did that they cant go back and fix. The real question is  "what is hope" and why we have hope? Hope is a Feeling or a expectation or a desire we want in the future. For in example your watching a Very scary movie and one of the characters is hiding form a monster, that character is hoping for someone to help him/her form the monster before it finds him/her. Now that character might have the lucky hope for a chance to be saved form the monster or not. Now if you don't have hope your basically letting bad things happen to you and it feels horrible to feel hopeless, you just don;t care what happens and it kills you form the inside with anger or depression or maybe fear. its always good to have a little hope and feel  positive for what hits you in the future. i'm going to tell you when i had lost hope it was when i was a freshmen in high school and did really bad and my parents were really upset that I wouldn't pass freshmen so I lost hope and after a while I realized that school it the most important  time in somebodies life and it tells that person what they want to do in the future job and how they want to live. after that I had a lot of hope that I would pass and it came true I passed all my test and the finals and now I'm a sophomore. That's what I think about hope and you should never let hope out of your sight and lose it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What does it take for a person to become the person they want to be? - DAVID CORONADO

David Coronado
Mrs Johnson
Medical English
30 November 2016
Becoming a better you

There's a lot of people around the world that tells themselves  this question a lot of times in their life and it is “what does it take for me to become the person i want to be. I'm going to say some examples how to become the person you want to be in the future. For example if you want to be a doctor do great at school and join a medical club and get books on the human body and surgery books so you know how it is when you are the one doing surgery to some in real life, in a job you don't always need to know the what to do mostly the tools you use and you need to know how the tools work and what they're for. A another example if you want to be a chef you obviously need to know how to cook but there a some foods that are more complicating  than others like salad and meat,most salad needs to fresh and sometimes a little warm but meat you need to cook because if you don't you can get food poisoning or some savanella to your customers. There are thousand of jobs that millions of people want to be in the future even if it is fadcanic office worker or even a factory worker.When I grow up I want to be a chef or a air force pilot, in order to get these jobs I need to learn about airplanes and how to operate one and how to fly one in different weather like if it is raining really hard or thunderstorms same thing on being a chef I need to learn the basic of cooking that's why when I was ten I learned how to make soups and now I know to cook and a little about baking and other stuff like that.

In the article “The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self” there were some sentences that caught my attention like this sentence “there's nobody to stick up for the future self.” I believe what that means is nobody but yourself can help you become what you want to be in the future because his/her future self is different than yours. There's another one that caught my attention and it said “ so there's this battle between the two selves that's being fought.” what I also believe what it is saying is right now there are two selves ready to see who you really are and the two are the successful you and the failure you in the future one of those two will be you, in the future you are either a successful person or a failure person. That's what i think this article is trying to say and remember which one you what to be in the future a winner or a failure.                        

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

David Coronado
English per 5
9 November 2016

My way of Gratification 

I have a desire to be a good worker and cooker so I can help people or sell things to people for some money. At home I can be really lazy and not really pay attention to anything as well but when I am At work I am not always distracted and i push myself until I complete my work and get the thing checked before resting. I'm really patient when i'm in my good side but when i'm a little over the edge i'm not that patient I can wait a lot for some things and when i have some entertainment I can wait for a longer time. Me and My dad work at a construction job and my dad is not that patient when it comes to his jobs he wants everything fast and perfect and when he is bored i always bring a game to play with him because sometimes we finish really fast and have a lot of time to relax plus lunch break. I have a lot of gratification i s grateful for everything i get because My mom always tells me if you not grateful you selfish and there's thousands of kids that want what you have. That's why I have a lot of gratification on my hand.
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Friday, October 28, 2016

David Coronado
Mrs Johnson
Med English per 5
28 October 2016

English Blog  8
The Danger of A Single Story

          When I watched the speech form Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  Her speech was named "The Danger of A Single Story." What I think she is saying is don't say stuff if you don't know whats going on like for example she was saying when she was little she said she didn't want to eat and her mom said do you know how many people are starving you should be greatful what you are eating. that's what i thought was a good lesson she said. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

David Coronado
Mr. Garcia
History per 6
25 October 2016

Event #2 (French Revolution)

             My Character is Davis Polo. The year that made Davis life change was year 1855 and he lived in a little house with his wife and two kids in France. Every day Davis tries to find food for his family but one day Nopolean made a rule that if any one breaks or talks trash to the rules will be decapitated in are new execution devise named the Gillette and that year Davis tried his best to obey the rules so he can help get food and get keep his family safe. Everywhere is starvation and chaos and every day hundreds of people die by the Gillette. So every day at that time was horrible and every day a lot of people were killed.

Monday, October 17, 2016

David Coronado
Mrs Johnson
English per 5
17 October 2016

My Favorite place I've Been In My Life

               The place I went that changed my life was "las Canadas". The reason why is their so much things to do there, like the y have 3 really big  pool and a big wave pool, they have zip lining with you climb up a mountain with some obstacles and at the end you zip line down a really long zip line. they have four wheeler's and mountain bikes to rent for a day and really cheap too. When I first went to Las Canadas it was huge and I was so nerves to try to do all the stuff they have to offer and it was so much fun for a vacation and maybe you might want to go their some day I really recommend you go there and see it for your self.Image result for las canadasImage result for las canadas
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Period 5 blog #4

My Desire 

        The person I want be close alike is my dad. the reason i want to be close like him is because he is hard working, kind and a awesome father for me. My dad all motivate me when i am having a hard time on something like having problems at school or when i'm have a  sad time he will always be their for me. Image result for #1dadImage result for #1dadImage result for #1dadImage result for #1dadImage result for #1dadImage result for #1dadImage result for #1dad